Essential Packing

Essential packing

Of course I had done my research before embarking on Snowdon, but this time of year weather changes quickly, especially 1080 metres above sea level.

My essential packing included warm outer layers to chuck on over the top of my clothes in case I had to stop for a long period of time. My choice was my trusty Arcteryx Kappa hoody which is a warm outer layer that doubles up as a belay jacket; it is highly water resistant and wind proof. Waterproofs were also important, as were soft shells and light hoodies, to keep off those chills at the summit. Of course you never know when a pair of wind resistant gloves and a good woolly hat will come in handy too!

I chose to take my gym tops, to wear each day. They are made from highly breathable fabrics and wick away sweat from my body, which I was thankful for when we were lucky enough to soak up the sunshine.

For me anti blister socks are a must! Especially after three days hiking in heat, I always keep a pack of blister plasters in a dry bag too. My feet were slightly unrecognisable…

In the evening, after a long day walking when you want to get warm and cosy around a camp fire, nothing beats getting out of your walking clothes more than when changing into your favourite slouchy pants. Likewise, aside from the obvious basics…tent, roll mat, sleeping bag…remember a travel pillow! Trust me your sleepy head will thank you. And if you’re lucky enough have access to a warm-ish shower, pack a quick dry towel. They are lighter, take up less space and won’t get as smelly.

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