Trekking In Thailand -Part 1

I arrived into Suvarnabhumi on the 8th January 2016, and swiftly began two months teaching in a government school in Ayutthaya province. The weekends were a great way to escape, and one weekend I made the most of popping over to Kanchanaburi to visit Erawan National Park for my first hike. The park hosts Erawan waterfalls … Continue reading Trekking In Thailand -Part 1

Three times up, Three times down

I arrived in Llanberis on a Monday, completely awe struck by the glistening lake, the enormity that is the Electric Mountain sat next to the mountain I would be hiking up and down for the next few days. I camped just above the village of Llanberis for four nights, so not yet trekking and wild … Continue reading Three times up, Three times down